Artificial Insemination Method

Artificial insemination reduces the production cost and time. There are some techniques of collecting semen from ox for artificial insemination. The artificial insemination method or techniques are described below.

Collecting Semen From Ox
The process of collecting semen from ox are described below.

Semen Collecting Equipment
An artificial vagina of rubber is used for collecting semen from ox. The ox feel sexual excitement when they put their penis in this artificial vagina and leave semen. There is a reservoir in the verge of vagina to gather the semen. Artificial vagina has two parts. There is a small rubber tube inside the main tube. Hot water kept between the space of two tube to make it like natural vagina temperature.

Semen Collecting Method
A cow kept in a cattle pound which is made in special method. When you bring the ox near this cow it feel excitement and want mate with her. See their movement and put the artificial vagina under the ox in due time. The heated ox think the artificial vagina as original and leave semen in it. Keep that semen in refrigerator.

Semen Preservation
The cow need one sperm for being pregnant. But the semen contain thousands of sperm. For this reason the semen collected from one ox used for inseminating of thousands of cows. This semen needs to be dilute to prevent the sperm waste. The citrate water or egg yolk dissolution is used in this purpose. Mix 100 milliliter distilled water with 2.9 grams sodium citrate dehydrate. Mix one portion egg yolk and two portion citrate solution with this mixture. This will produce yolk-citrate solution. Mix this mixture with semen and keep it in refrigerator.

Semen Transportation
For artificial insemination the semen needs to carry from one place to another place. The sperm can be damaged easily because it can’t tolerate the hot weather outside. So use thermos flask for transportation purpose of semen.

Semen Applying Method
The applying methods of semen to the cow are described below.

  • Take 1 mm semen with syringe.
  • Find out the cervix of uterus.
  • Extend the vagina with speculum.
  • Now put the sperm in cervix of uterus.
  • You are all done.

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