Argulosis in Fish

Argulosis in fish can cause serious damage. Generally rui and some other carp fish get infected by a parasites which is called argulosis. It is visible in naked eye. The symptoms and treatment of argulosis infected fish are described below.


  • Affected fish suffers by blood-letting.
  • Lice stays in the body surface and fins of fish.
  • Small sized wound can be seen in the body of fish.
  • The growth of fish get reduced and body become feeble.
  • This types of parasites is visible on fish by naked eye.
  • The fish rub their body with something strong.
  • Infected fish do frisking unstably occasionally.
  • Fish swim in the water restlessly.
  • The wounded place by argulosis become red colored.


  • Keep the fish in 0.5 PPM dipterex solution for 24 hours after every one week.
  • If the fish affects much then apply 0.5 PPM dipterex directly to the pond. Apply this again after 15 days for second time.
  • If needed remove the infected fish from the pond.
  • Apply lime to the pond at the rate of 100kg per acre.
  • Reduce the amount of organic fertilizer to the pond.
  • 25-30 PPM potassium permanganate solution is also very effective for removing argulosis from the fish.

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