Area and Kinds of Fish Breeding

There are many area and kinds of fish breeding. Breeding is such a physiological method by which animal keeps it’s own lineage for long time. And new animal born by adjusting and exchanging many congenital characteristics through breeding. So, fish breeding means propagation of fish.
Breeding Area
The main area of natural breeding are, rivers, canal, flooded land, coastal area and the places where tide is available. The natural breeding area in open stream of main carp fish of Bangladesh like rui, katla, mrigal etc. is rivers. There are about 57 breeding area of 9 small or big rivers in whole country. For example Halda breeding point of Kornofuli river, Gorai, Aricha and Padma, Brommoputra, Kumar near Goalondo etc. are big breeding point. Those are the major breeding point of carp fish. On the other hand stagnant stream pond, swamp, bill, paddy field etc. are also natural breeding area. Stagnant swamp are suitable for breeding of some fishes like, common carp, shol, taki, koi, pabda etc.
Kinds of Breeding
There are two types of fish breeding. and they are
  • Natural Breeding and
  • Artificial Breeding.

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