Aquatic Weeds

The plants or weeds which grows in the water is knows as aquatic weeds. This types of weeds are harmful for fish farming. Method of suppression and controlling aquatic weeds are described below.
There are many methods of suppression of aquatic weeds which are listed below.
Using Machine
There are many machines available in the market for cutting plants. With this machines floaty, sinked or effusive plants can be removed from pond or stream. But using this types of machines is very expensive. For this reason it is very easy to use labor to remove weeds.
Chemical Methods
Weed like moss can be removed by using chemical like copper sulphate or copper citrate etc. On the other hand weeds can be removed by using some other medicines.
Biomass Methods
Aquatic weeds can also be prevented by cultivating grass carp, thai pumpti, tilapia fish etc. in the pond. This types of fish consume various types of weeds as feed.
Some necessary steps can be kept for controlling weeds from pond which are described below.
  • Proper care must be kept to control the weed.
  • Remove weed as soon as possible.
  • Make pond in such process by which the basal level of pond become free from direct sunlight.
  • Remove the root of the plants from pond.
  • Cultivate silver carp fish where there is excessive moss.
  • Don’t use excessive fertilizer in the pond.

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