Aquatic Insects

Different types of harmful aquatic insects grows in the water. They consume the food of minnow and contest with the minnow for food. For example duck insects, dragon fly larvae, loom insects, aquatic scorpion etc. are harmful aquatic insects. Excessive using of organic fertilizer in the pond increases the number of aquatic insects. Along with this by not removing the aquatic weed regularly also increases the number of insects. If there any lacking of sufficient air and sunlight in the pond then the natural color, smell and temperature of the water get changed and grows various types of aquatic insects.
Controlling Method
Below mentioned steps can be taken for controlling aquatic insects.
  • The insects which float over water diesel can be used to control them.
  • Use diesel at the rate of 50 liter per acres.
  • Make a solution by mixing toilet shop with mustard or coconut oil and apply it to the water. This system also kill some insects.
  • The number of insects can be controlled from the pond by pulling mosquito net in the pond.
  • Dipterex medicine is also effective for controlling aquatic insects.
However, aquatic insects are very harmful for successful fish farming. So, control them from the pond as soon as possible.

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