Applying Method of Supplementary Fish Feed

For getting better result by using supplementary fish feed, it is very urgent to learn more about the feed habit and behavior of cultivated fish. All applied supplementary feed are not effective for growth of fish. A portion of this feed get mixed with water and damage the quality of water. The applying method of supplementary fish feed in the pond are described below.
  • Applied feed per day will not be more than 15kg per acre.
  • If the secchi disk become not visible in 20cm depth then stop serving all types of supplementary fish feed.
  • Shrimp is night vorous. So, feed them at evening or night.
  • Provide feed to the rui fish or carp fish at morning and afternoon. Don’t feed them at noon. Because water become very hot in the noon and the fish don’t want to eat feed.
  • Serve feed daily according to the body weight of fish. Generally 2-5% food are used daily for carp fish according to their body weight.
  • Measure the body weight of fish after every 15 days and change feed serving rate.
  • Don’t serve all feed in one place. Provide feed in different places, at least use 4-6 places. As a result fishes can eat feed easily without any competition.
  • Serving feed for once will results waste of feed. Serve it twice or more a day. This will increase the potency of feed.
  • By serving feed in different places, the fishes will not face any competition and it ensures the proper growth of fish.
  • Grass carp fish and pumpti eat soft grasses, leaves and moss. So, provide them those feed at morning and evening regularly.
  • Don’t use excessive supplementary feed. This will damage the physical and chemical qualities of water and soil of pond.
  • Excessive supplementary is also results contamination of water and decrease the amount of oxygen in the water. And even causes death of fish.

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