Applying Fertilizer in Pond of Minnow

Applying fertilizer in pond of minnow is very important for successful fish farming business. Many types of tiny plants and animals grows in the pond by applying fertilizer. Minnow survive by consuming this types of molecule organisms. They are called plankton. Organic fertilizer like dung, poultry dejecta etc. and chemical fertilizer like nitrogen, TSP etc. helps to grow plankton. In some cases both organic and chemical fertilizer can be used. Use dung fertilizer in the pond at the rate of 4000kg or 2000kg poultry dejecta per acre. If the organic fertilizer become not available then use 40kg urea and 30kg TSP per acre. Use those element together by mixing one with another. Organic fertilizers are more effective than non organic or chemical fertilizers. In case of non organic fertilizer mix all fertilizers with water and spread the mixture throughout the pond. Apply all types of fertilizers before stocking minnow in the pond.

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