Anthrax Disease

Anthrax disease is among the fatal contagious bacterial cattle diseases. This disease occurs due to one type of bacteria named ‘Bacillus Anthracis’. Domestic animals like cow, buffalo, sheep, goat etc. affects much by this disease. The germ of this disease spreads through the contiguity of infected animals. This disease affects much in the rainy season and damp environment. In many cases, it becomes very difficult to save the infected animals.


  • Body temperature of infected animals increases up to 106-107 Fahrenheit.
  • Dag of the animal become perpendicular.
  • Their body always remain shaking.
  • Breath becomes very fast and deep.
  • Anthrax disease infected cattle stops eating due to high fever.
  • Sometimes blood may flow from the nose, mouth, urine and anus of animal.
  • Infected animal lay down to the ground and spreads their legs.
  • Animal become very excited first and very feeble later.
  • They may suffers by convulsions.
  • They do loose bowels frequently.
  • Color of the closet become blackish.
  • Anthrax disease stays for half hour to 48 hours to the cattle and then the infected animal die.
  • Belly of anthrax disease infected cattle get swollen after their death.

Treatment & Prevention

  • Anthrax disease has no proper treatment.
  • But vaccinate the animal before getting infected by this disease.
  • Keep the infected animal separated from healthy one.
  • Vaccinate the healthy animal regularly and timely.
  • Keep the dead animal under soil or burn it with fire.
  • Wash the house of cow with 10% sodium hydroxide. This will vanish all the germ from the house.
  • Wash the used equipment of animal with germicide medicine.

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