Adverse Environment For Fish Farming

The aquatic environment which are not favorable for fish farming is known as adverse environment for fish farming. Fish grows very well in favorable environment. But the adverse environment is very harmful for fish. The main elements of adverse environment for fish farming are described below.

Muddy Water
Muddy water is very harmful for fish culture. Muddy water obstacles the entrance of sunlight to water. As a result natural plankton can’t grow well. Clay and sand enter into the eyes and gill of fish in muddy water. Fish suffers by lack of essential nutrition for proper growth. Fish can’t see and consume the feed well. Breeding and natural growth of fish get decreased. Helpful aquatic animal die due to muddy water.

The productivity of pond depends on the quality of basal mud. If the quantity of mud become too much then it become very harmful for fish farming. Quantity of different types of gas like H2S, NH3, CO2 etc. get increased. The rotation of organic material happen slowly. Lack of oxygen can be seen in the water.

The depth of water sometimes creates adverse reactions in fish farming. If the depth of pond become very high then sunlight can’t reach the basal level of pond properly. As a result sufficient production of natural food and growth of fish get decreased. On the other hand, if the depth of pond become less then the water of pond may hot quickly and harmful aquatic plants may grow in the basal level of water. In the case of high depth, the temperature of basal level get reduced and the fish suffers by lack of oxygen.

Aquatic Plants
Different types of aquatic plants do a lot of harm in fish farming. For example, the aquatic plants use the fertilizer applied for fish. This plant occupy a large portion of water and the fish suffers by habitat problem. The animal of fish like snake and frogs take place inside the plants. Oxygen lickings can be seen in the pond. Overall desired production can get decreased.

The excessive growth of phytoplankton is generally known as bloom. Green moss layer or red layer can be seen in the water due to bloom which obstacles the entrance the sunlight. Oxygen get reduced from the water which affects the fish much. Use 200-300kg lime per hector for controlling the moss.

Cannibalistic Fish and Harmful Animal
Different types of cannibalistic fish and harmful animal like snakes and frogs eats the small minnow of fish. As a result the production get reduced. Remove this types of fish and animal by drying the pond or using rotenon powder in the water.

Besides the above mentioned elements flood, drought, excessive use of fertilizer and pesticides creates adverse environment in the pond of fish farming. Ensure favorable environment of fish culture to get better production.

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