Advantages of Artificial Breeding of Fish

There are many advantages of artificial breeding of fish. The main advantages of artificial breeding of fish are described below.
  • The fishes which don’t lays eggs in stagnant stream, artificial breeding is a must for those types of fishes like rui, katla, mrigal etc.
  • Make sufficient supply of minnow by not depending on natural source.
  • Fresh minnow can be found.
  • Advantages of collecting desired minnow.
  • Producing high quality minnow species.
  • Good price for fish and minnow.
  • No need to go far for collecting minnow.
  • Through artificial breeding we can get good sized and weights fish.
  • A female fish of 1kg weight can produce about 0.1-0.2 million eggs.
  • Artificial breeding become very profitable if it possible to hatch 50% eggs.
  • It is possible to produce hybrid fish by mixing different species of fish.

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