Vitamin A Deficiency Diseases in Cattle

Vitamin A is soluble to fat but not in water. Green grasses, green leaves, and vegetables contain a plenty of carotene which convert to vitamin A in the body of animal. The animals which eat this types of food by grazing in the field never caught by vitamin A deficiency diseases. But the cattle which eats only straw, hay and grainy food may suffers by vitamin A deficiency diseases.


  • Due to lack of vitamin A the animal can’t see or see slight at night.
  • If the animal has vast deficiency of vitamin A then inconsistency can be seen in their muscle.
  • This causes difficulty in their regular movement.
  • The skin of animal become unsmooth.
  • Hair of the animal become rough due to lack of vitamin A.
  • Eyes of animal get swelled.
  • If the animal can’t get proper treatment timely then they may become blind permanently.

Feed the calf their mothers first milk after birth. If the animal suffers by vitamin A deficiency diseases then feed them enough green grasses. Green grasses or vevetables can meet up the demand of vitamin A. Add artificial vitamin A in the supplementary grainy food of animal.

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