Domestic animal get infected by various types of external parasites. This types of parasites lives in the skin of animal and damage the skin. Among those ticks are very harmful. All types of domestic animal like cow, buffalo, goat, sheep etc. get infected by ticks. They are most injurious among all the external parasites. Ticks do a huge mischief to the domestic animal. They live in the skin of animal and suck blood from their body. The animal can get infected by different types of ticks. The most common and harmful ticks which affects the animal much is boophilus microplus. Ticks carry the germ of different diseases from infected animal to healthy animal including protozoa.
Preventing Methods
  • Always keep the house of animal dry.
  • Wash the house regularly with phenail, neguvon etc.
  • You can remove ticks manually by scouring comb in the body of animal.
  • Some farmer use ash to make dry the house.
  • If needed meet with a veterinarian.

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