Stocking and Care of Minnow

Here we are describing about stocking and care of minnow. It is better to stock minnow aged between 3-4 days in the pond. Morning or evening are the best time for stocking minnow in the pond. Because water temperature become very low in those time. If the minnow transported in polythene bag then keep the bag into the water of pond for 1/2 to 1 hour. This will adjust the temperature of pond water and polythene bag water. Then exchange some water from bag to pond and pond to bag. This process will make the minnow tolerable with the environment of pond. After that release them to the pond when the bag water and pond water temperature or environment both will be tolerable for them.
Observe the health and condition of minnow after every five days by collecting some minnow with hapa or thin cloth. If the minnow become healthy then increase providing fish feed to them 10% more than previous. If the water of pond become excessive green colored then reduce feed serving rate. Excessive green colored water creates breathing problem and lack of oxygen and the minnow may die. In this case reduce the rate of applying feed and fertilizer.

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