Pullorum Disease

Pullorum disease is a fatal disease of baby chicken. This disease occurs due to a virus named salmonella pullorum. The baby chicken can be affected by this disease, aged between one day to two weeks. Baby chicken is very sensitive and chicken under 10 days affects by this disease much. Adult chickens don’t die but they carry the germ of this poultry disease. The germ spread through the eggs and closet of the affected bird. Healthy baby chicken affects by the affected chicken. Mortality rate in pullorum disease may 50-100%.

Pullorum Disease Symptoms

  • If this disease infected through eggs, then many baby chicken may die inside egg.
  • Some baby chicken die after their birth.
  • Infected baby chicken become very sick.
  • They suffers by dyspnoea.
  • They take breath opening their mouth.
  • The baby chicken don’t want to eat.
  • Drinks water frequently.
  • They stay closer to each other under the brooder.
  • Closet is white colored and liquid and get mixed with rectum.
  • They make loud noise when they can’t tolerate the pain.
  • Egg production get reduced.
  • The color of the closet become green.
  • The chicken may affected by diarrhea.
  • Adult chicken can’t eat and become very sick.
  • Newly born baby chicken become very sick.
  • Head crest gets pale and contracted.

Pullorum Disease Defense Method

  • Check the chicken daily and remove the affected one.
  • Don’t raise the baby chicken affected by salmonella.
  • Collect baby chicken from the hatchery which is free from pullorum disease.
  • As the germ of this disease spread through the eggs so, don’t use the affected chicken to produce baby chicken.
  • Clean the incubator and hatchery with germicide before producing baby chicken.
  • Follow the health rules strictly.

Pullorum Disease Remedy

  • If pullorum affect any poultry farm meet veterinarian as soon as possible and follow his advice.
  • Feed the chicken doxacillin vet mixed water (1 gram medicine with two litter fresh water) for 3-5 days.
  • Mix 1-1.5 gram komu mix plus with 1 litter water and serve it to the chicken for 3-5 days.
  • Mix 1 milliliter trimovate suspension with 1 litter of clean and fresh water and feed it to the chicken for 4-5 days.

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