Jersey Cow

Jersey cow originated from Channel Islands of Europe. This cow breed can be found in Europe, America and many other countries in the world. The main characteristics of jersey cow are described below.
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  • Comparatively smaller in size.
  • The calf of jersey cow become very sick and small when they born.
  • The color of their body is slightly red, deep brown or mixed.
  • Head become very long sized.
  • They have no hunchback.
  • Their spine becomes very straight.
  • Contain low fat in their body.
  • Tail of jersey cow become black colored.
  • Udder is very big sized.
  • Legs are very small but strong.
  • An adult ox weights about 400-500 kg and a cow about 600-800 kg.
  • A cow produce about 3500-4500 kg per year.
  • They gain sexual maturity very fast.
  • Produce calf and milk for long time.
  • Horns are thin and curved.
  • Produce about 15-20 kg milk daily.
  • The milk of jersey cow contain about 5 % fat.

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