Stall Fed Goat Farming

Before detailed discussion, let me first explain ‘what is stall fed goat farming system’? Stall fed is such a goat farming system where goats are kept inside the shed or house and not allowed to graze outside. Inside the shed or house, the goats are cared and kept separated depending on their


How Often Do Goats Need Milking?

A regular goat milking routine is a must when you are managing a herd of dairy goats. So, it’s important to know ‘how often do goats need milking’. Pain and discomfort can caused to your goats due to waiting too long for milking a lactating doe. Actually, the frequency of milking a


Goats and Parasites

While raising goats, some people face problems with their goats and parasites. In some cases, parasites can be the biggest hurdle when raising goats. But the good news is, goats can be raised naturally without drugs for controlling parasites. Using medicines in all aspects is not wise. In some cases, you will


Caring For Newborn Pygmy Goats

Some people love to raise a few Pygmy goats as pets and also for fresh milk supply daily. And most of the people want the size of their herd increase day by day. New life is always welcome in the barn or farmstead. So, it’s better if nature take it’s course in


Caring Miniature Goats

Raising and caring miniature goats is very easy and simple. They are smaller in size and very good as pets. Most of the miniature goats are of great temperament. Actually, these type goats are smaller than any other known and popular goat breeds. On an average, size of such miniature goats ranges


How to Call A Goat

People are raising goats from a long time ago for various reasons. For example, people are raising goats as pets, for milk, for their coats or for goat meat. If you are raising goats as pets or for business purposes, then you should know how to call a goat. Domesticated goats can


Do Goats Whine All Night?

Do goats whine all night? It is a common question by the people who are raising goats for the first time. Actually, whining depends on various factors. A herd of healthy and happy goats usually do not whine all night. Whether you are raising goats as pets or for business purpose, happy