Caring Miniature Goats

Raising and caring miniature goats is very easy and simple. They are smaller in size and very good as pets. Most of the miniature goats are of great temperament. Actually, these type goats are smaller than any other known and popular goat breeds. On an average, size of such miniature goats ranges


How to Call A Goat

People are raising goats from a long time ago for various reasons. For example, people are raising goats as pets, for milk, for their coats or for goat meat. If you are raising goats as pets or for business purposes, then you should know how to call a goat. Domesticated goats can


Do Goats Whine All Night?

Do goats whine all night? It is a common question by the people who are raising goats for the first time. Actually, whining depends on various factors. A herd of healthy and happy goats usually do not whine all night. Whether you are raising goats as pets or for business purpose, happy


Effects of Goats on A Pasture

Do you know what are the effects of goats on a pasture? You should learn and it’s very important that you understand the effects of goats on a pasture, if you want to use your goats for agricultural purposes, such as land maintenance. You have to learn about the effects that a


Causes of Fainting in Goats

Concern is the main causes of fainting in goats. Fainting also could be cause for concern in humans and some other animals. But fainting is normal in the case of myotonic goats. In myotonic goat faints lasts for about 10 seconds. They lose control of muscle function and thus balance and these


What Types of Goats Live in Greece?

Goats are very important animal in Greece. Goats are producing about 22 percent of the nation’s total milk production. And they are also contributing much in the meat production sector. When combined with sheep, about 43 percent of the nation’s meat production come from goats. There are various types of goat breeds


How to Help A Pygmy Goat Gain Weight?

Pygmy goats are pretty popular among the goat lovers, because they are relatively smaller in size, need less living space and require low maintenance and care. They remain kicking for several years with a fresh supply of water, forage and quality feed. They usually prefer a clean environment and require a very